How to Find the Posts You've Hidden on Facebook

By Matt Koble

As an administrator of a Facebook Page, you have the ability to hide posts during or after creation. You may wish to do this if you've written a post that isn’t ready for public sharing but you don't want to delete it entirely. Unfortunately, no option is available for viewing all hidden posts as a single list, but using Facebook's Activity Log, you can view all of your Page posts, including hidden ones. This tool is the easiest option for quickly finding hidden posts on your Page, and you can filter by date or post type.

Click the "Edit Page" drop-down menu on the admin panel for your Page. Select the "Use Activity Log" option from the drop-down menu.

Select the "All" drop-down list to filter activity by type. For example, if you are searching your Page for a status update that you posted to your Timeline, click the "Your Posts" option. You also can choose the "Year" and "Month" filters on the right side of the page to filter results by date.

Hidden posts display the prohibition symbol – a line within a circle.
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Keep your eye on the small icon to the right of each post. For allowed posts, you will see a circle icon, while hidden posts are flagged with a prohibition symbol – a circle with a line through it. Click the icon to reveal a drop-down menu if you want to unhide the post, delete it, add a location or highlight the post, pinning it to top of your Page Timeline.