How to Find My Network SSID on Windows 7

By Randall Blackburn

The Service Set Identifier -- the network name assigned to the router when the router is configured -- is assigned in the router’s administrative interface. If your computer has connected to the network at least once, the SSID is displayed in your operating system’s network configuration. As long as your computer has successfully connected to your company's network before, you can find your network’s SSID in Windows 7 by viewing your network connections.

Right-click the "Wireless" icon in the notification area on the Windows desktop, also known as the system tray.

Click the "Open Network and Sharing Center" link at the bottom of the Connections window.

View your network connections and locate the network name of the desired connection.

Right-click on the SSID for the connection, and then click "Properties" to view additional information about the connection.


If you are connected to your network, you can simply right-click the "Wireless" icon, and then locate the network name with the word Connected next to it. The name of the network is the SSID.

If your computer has never connected to your network, you will find the SSID for your network in the router's administrative interface.

Routers may be configured to hide the SSID. If the SSID is hidden, you need to manually type the network name into the SSID field when setting up a connection to the hidden network.