How to Find Facebook Users With an AIM Screen Name

By Anthony Oster

Stay in touch with AIM contacts by adding them to your Facebook friends.
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Facebook offers several ways to seek out and connect with friends, family and business contacts. Facebook's friend finder allows you to log on to other accounts that you may own, such as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and import contacts from those services. This process will search your entire contact list, identifying individuals by both their AIM screen name and their real name.

Sign in to Facebook using your username and password and navigate to the Find Friends page.

Click the "Find Friends" link next to the "AIM" icon and enter your AIM screen name and password to access your contacts.

Select the AIM contacts that you would like to add as Facebook friends. AIM screen names will be located below each contact's real name. Click "Add Friends" to send a Facebook friend request to your AIM contacts.


You cannot add friends to your Facebook account if you have not logged in.