How to Find a Server Name for Outlook Express

by Peter Lancett ; Updated February 10, 2017

Outlook Express is an email utility that installs as part of Internet Explorer during a default installation of a Windows operating system (OS). To download emails that have been sent to you or to send your emails to your recipients, Outlook Express needs to be configured with the names of the incoming POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) server used to receive messages, and the outgoing SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server used to send messages to recipient servers. The names of these servers are obtained from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides your email service. Often ISPs post these server names on their websites. They are used when configuring every email account that you set up in Outlook Express. You should locate the names of these servers for all of your email accounts in Outlook Express and make a note of them so that you can reconfigure Outlook Express quickly if needed.

Click "Start," then click "Run." Type "msimn.exe" and click "OK." This will open Outlook Express.

Click "Tools" near the top of the Outlook Express window. From the drop-down list, select "Accounts." This will open the Internet Accounts window.

Click the "Mail" tab. This will reveal a list of all the email accounts that have been configured in Outlook Express on your computer.

Select an Internet account that you want to find the server names for. Click the "Properties" button found on the right of the Internet Accounts window. This will open a properties window for the selected account.

Click the "Servers" tab. Make a note of the "Incoming mail (POP3)" server name. This is the server that Outlook Express connects to to download emails sent to you. Make a note of the "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" server. This is the server that Outlook Express uses to route your outgoing emails to the Internet.

Click "OK" to close the "Properties" window. Click "Close" to close the "Internet Accounts" window. Close Outlook Express.

Items you will need

  • Email account with an ISP

  • Internet Explorer


  • Make a note of the POP3 and SMTP servers for all the accounts configured in Outlook Express. You may have accounts that use different servers.

    Confirm that you have the correct server names by consulting the up to date information from your ISP, either from their website or by calling the help desk.

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