How to Find a Printer With Bonjour

By Shawn Farner

Setting up a new printer with your computer can sometimes be a chore, but if you're using an Apple computer running Mac OS X, a feature called Bonjour aims to make printer setup easy. Bonjour uses networking protocols to search your company's network for nearby network-capable printers. Once you find a printer, you can start using it without any complicated setup. Finding a printer using Bonjour can be done from the System Preference dock icon.

Right click on the System Preference dock icon and then click "Print & Fax."

Click the plus icon (+) under the "Printers" section.

Click on one of the printer that shows up under the "Default" tab. If a printer shows up here, it is either directly connected to your Mac, or it is accessible through Bonjour. You can tell if a printer is local or is available over Bonjour by its description under the "Kind" section.

Click the "Add" button. This printer will now be available for your Mac to use.