How to Fill an Object in Autocad

By Ryan Crooks

Updated February 10, 2017

Hatching uses color as well as patterns to define a drawn material.
i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

AutoCAD drawings do not have to be composed only of lines. Instead, AutoCAD uses the "Hatch" command to fill an object, creating a field of color, pattern or texture. Filling with the "Hatch" command helps define a drawn object's material, such as stone, wood or steel. It also helps define its classification, such as commercial, residential or utility. A hatch also represents textural qualities, such as stippling for grass, a running bond for brick, and horizontal lines for clapboard siding.

Open AutoCAD. Click "Open" in the "File" menu, Select your project file and click "Open." Pan and zoom to the location of the object you would like to fill with a hatch.

Type "Hatch" in the command line. The "Hatch" and "Gradient" window will open. Click the "Hatch" tab.

Select the "Type," "Pattern," "Hatch Color" and "Background Color" from the drop-down menu of each setting. Click "Add: Pick Points" and click inside each object to fill with the hatch. Press the "Enter" or "Return" key and click "OK." The object will fill with the hatch.