How to Fade Music on a PowerPoint

By Julius Vandersteen

You can fade music in and out for smoother PowerPoint presentations
i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

When you are using music in a PowerPoint slideshow presentation for your company, you can fade the audio to prevent the sound from startling your audience. The smoother your presentation, the easier it will be for you to get your message across. For example, if you use some energetic music to play over a series of images from your factory floor, you can gradually fade the music in, making a smoother transition from the previous section of the presentation. Fading the music out at the end is also useful when you don’t want the audio to stop abruptly.

Launch PowerPoint and open the slideshow presentation that contains music that you want to fade.

Click the audio icon of a music file in a slide to select it.

Click “Audio Tools” from the PowerPoint menu, then click “Playback.”

Type a number in the “Fade In” box to designate how many seconds you want the music to fade in. For example, type “5” if you want PowerPoint to make a five-second musical fade in.

Type a number in the “Fade Out” box to set how many seconds you want to use for a musical fade out.