How to Extend a Sony Vaio Screen to a Projector

By Kirk Bennet

If you have a Sony Vaio laptop in your business you can connect most of your peripherals to it. You can connect your printers to print important documents that are only stored on the laptop or a projector to display a presentation to your employees or clients. To display a presentation you must extend the Sony Vaio screen after you connect it to the projector. If you extend the display instead of duplicating it you can work on something on the laptop's display while the presentation is running on the projection screen.

Click the Start button, type "cmd" in the Search box and press "Enter" to launch the Command Prompt utility.

Type "displayswitch.exe" in the Command Prompt and press "Enter" to run the program.

Click the "Extend" button to extend the screen to the projector.


To view a window on the projection screen, drag it onto that screen.