How to Export Skype Contacts

By Kirk Bennet

If you use Skype to keep in touch with colleagues or clients and to participate in video calls, your contacts are very important. If you have hundreds of contacts in your Skype Contacts list and you need to use a new account, adding each contact one by one is not an option. Fortunately, Skype automates the process, allowing you to export your contacts to a VCF file, also called a vCard file. You can then import this file into a new Skype account and restore all of your contacts in a matter of seconds.

Launch Skype and log in to the account with the contacts you want to export.

Click "Contacts" at the top of the Skype window. Select "Advanced" from the drop-down menu and choose "Backup Contacts to File" from the sub-menu.

Type a name for the VCF file in the File Name box and select a destination folder for your export file.

Click the "Save" button and wait until Skype exports all of your contacts.


Select "Restore Contacts from File" from the Advanced sub-menu and use the VCF file if you want to import contacts into a different Skype account.