How to Export Mail From Outlook to Gmail

By Kirk Bennet

You can move or just copy mail from Outlook to Gmail.
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With Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, you can manage your emails and add multiple accounts, including Gmail and Yahoo Mail, to Outlook. Outlook 2010 is a flexible program, so you can move or copy mail from its folders to any of your accounts. For example, if you have important email in your Outlook folders, you can export it to your Gmail account and access the messages from anywhere, as long as you can access the Gmail account.

Launch Outlook 2010. Click "File" and then click the "Add Account" button in the menu to open the Add New Account window.

Type your name in the "Your Name" box. Type your Gmail address in the "E-mail Address" box. Enter your password in the "Password" and "Retype Password" boxes.

Click "Next" to add the Gmail account to Outlook. The account settings are automatically configured in Outlook.

Click "Finish" to close the wizard. Your Gmail account appears in the left pane; all its folders are displayed.

Select the Outlook folder from which you want to export mail. For example, click "Inbox" to view all email in that folder in the right pane.

Select the mail that you want to export. Press and hold "Ctrl" and then click on the messages to select multiple items, or press "Ctrl-A" to select all messages.

Right-click one of the emails, select "Move" and then choose "Copy to Folder" from the menu.

Select the Gmail folder into which you want to export the email – for example, "Inbox" – and click "OK" to export the emails from Outlook.


Select "Other Folder" in the Move menu to move the items without leaving a copy of your emails in the source folder.