How to Enter Accent Marks in Google Translator

By Kyle W. Bell

Google Translate helps decode foreign phrases.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It is important that you include accent marks to get an accurate translation in Google Translate. Accent marks are a critical part of writing in Spanish, French and other languages where the meaning of the word can be completely different without an accent mark. Avoid making mistakes such as using the Spanish word papa (potato) when you mean papá (dad) by inserting the correct accent marks. Google Translate has an accent mark tool to simplify inserting this piece of punctuation.

Select a language from the drop-down box labeled "From" for the language that you want translated. Select a language from the drop-down box labeled "To."

Click inside the text box on the left and type the sentence until you reach a letter that requires an accent mark.

Click the "Virtual Keyboard" icon on the text box. A keyboard will display on the screen inside of the browser.

Select the accent mark key on the virtual keyboard and then type the appropriate letter on your physical keyboard, or click the letter on the virtual keyboard. Repeat this as needed for each accent mark.

Click the blue "Translate" button and the translation will appear in a gray box.