How to Enlarge Text for Printing

By Steve Gregory

Increase the readability of a printed document by enlarging its text.
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Both Microsoft Word and many Web browsers -- such as Internet Explorer and Firefox -- have a feature that enables you to enlarge the text size of your business documents and Web pages for printing. You can increase the text size on a Web page for printing purposes using your Web browser's Print Preview utility. If you are using Microsoft Word to print your document, you can use the program's Font utility to increase the text size of the document. Increasing the text size on your printed documents so that your employees and customers can read them is not a permanent operation. You can change the text back to its original size at any time.


Launch Word on your computer and open the document that you want to print.

Select the text that you want to enlarge to automatically open the Font pop-up box. The font options are also available in the Font section on the "Home" tab.

Click the "Size" drop-down box to reveal the list of available sizes.

Select the applicable larger size. The text increases to the size that you selected.

Click "File" and then select "Print."

Choose a printer from the "Printer" drop-down box.

Click the "Printer" button.


Navigate to the Web page that you want to print.

Open the "Firefox" menu and select "Print."

Click "Print Preview" to open the Print Preview window.

Click the "Scale" drop-down box and select the applicable larger scale percentage from the list. The text size automatically increases according to the percentage that you selected. Optionally, you can select "Custom" from the "Scale" drop-down box and enter a custom percentage in the "Scale" pop-up box.

Click "Print" and then select a printer from the "Name" drop-down box. Click "OK" to print the Web page.

Internet Explorer

Open the Web page you want to print.

Select the "Gear" icon and choose "Print."

Select "Print Preview" to open the Print Preview window.

Click the "Change Print Size" drop-down box and choose the percentage size you want to use. You can also select "Custom" from the "Change Print Size" drop-down box to enter a larger custom percentage size. Enter the custom percentage in the new "Custom Size" field to enlarge the text on the Web page.

Click "Print" and select the printer you want to use. Click "Print" to print the page.


Information in this article applies to Word 2013, Firefox version 19.0.2 and Internet Explorer 10. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.