How to Enable the Scanner & Camera Wizard

By Christina Shaffer

Import scans and digital images using Microsoft's Scanner and Camera Wizard.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Originally created for Windows XP, Microsoft’s Scanner and Camera Wizard application enables you to scan contracts, business proposals and photographs without having to install third-party software. If you recently upgraded the Windows platform on your office PC, however, you may have trouble locating the software. Unlike in XP, the Scanner and Camera Wizard can't be enabled through the Programs menu in Windows 8 or 7. After you locate the Scanner and Camera Wizard file, create a desktop shortcut to easily access it in the future.

Windows 8

Click the “Desktop” app on the Start screen.

Click the folder icon on the Windows task bar to open File Explorer.

Select “Computer” in the File Explorer navigation pane.

Type “wiaacmgr” (without quotation marks here and in subsequent commands) in the search box, and then press “Enter” on the keyboard.

Right-click the “Wiaacmgr” application file in the search results. Highlight the “Send to” option and select “Desktop.” The shortcut appears on the desktop screen.

Connect the scanner or digital camera to the PC, and then launch the Scanner and Camera Wizard. The program won't open if the external device isn't connected to the computer.

Windows 7

Click “Start” and type “wiaacmgr” in the Windows search box. The filename appears under Programs in the search results.

Right-click the "Wiaacmgr" file and highlight the “Send to” option. Then select “Desktop” to place a Scanner and Camera Wizard shortcut on the desktop screen.

Connect the scanner or digital camera to the PC, and then double-click the Scanner and Camera Wizard icon on the desktop to open the program.