How to Empty the Trash on an iPad AOL Account

By Ashley Donohoe

You can use AOL mail to receive, send and delete business messages on the go from your iPad. Whenever you delete an email from AOL, it moves from its original folder to your account's trash folder. You can either restore the message or delete it from the trash. While retaining deleted messages can be helpful in case of accidental deletion, they take up space on both your iPad and AOL account until you empty the trash and delete them permanently.

Open the iPad Mail app. Swipe the left side of the screen and tap "Mailboxes" if you don't see a list of your accounts automatically.

Scroll down to your AOL account under the Accounts section and tap the account name.

Tap the "Trash" folder to view all deleted messages. Tap "Edit" and tap the "Delete All" button.

Tap "Delete All" again to empty your AOL account's trash.


If two trash folders appear for your AOL account, select the one with a trash can icon beside it.

To restore a message from the trash, tap "Edit" and tap the circle to the left of the email. Tap "Move" and tap "Inbox" or another desired location.