How to Embed Someone's Name Into a Facebook Status

By Heather Harris

Create a clickable name inside a Facebook post.
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Facebook has a variety of uses for the business owner, including the ability to network with other businesses who use Facebook for their own pages as well as the colleagues with whom you have connected as friends. You can embed a clickable link or "tag" a person whose product or service might be of interest to your clients or to alert colleagues to information that might be useful to them. When you want to tag a person by name, they must either be among your Facebook friends or have a page for themselves, categorized under "People."

Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the page or Timeline on which you want to post.

Click in the "Write something" box and begin entering the text of your post.

Type the "@" symbol and enter the name you want to tag immediately following it. Select the correct name from the list of results.

Finish entering the text of your post and click the "Post" button. The post appears in your news feed and your friends news feeds with a clickable link to the Timeline of the person you tagged.


You cannot tag people from your Facebook page, only from your personal Timeline.