How to Embed an Amazon Affiliate Link in a Facebook Post

By Brandy Alexander

Your Amazon Associates account gives you the opportunity to earn money as an affiliate when customers make purchases from the links you promote. Amazon gives you the ability to publish these links in a Facebook post, which enables you to market these goods to a larger audience. This link automatically includes the product's title, a brief description and a thumbnail image. When your customer clicks the link, she arrives at the product information page on Amazon. Use the tools in your Amazon account to market the items you want on Facebook.

Log in to your Amazon affiliate account and click the "Search for a Product" tab to enter a specific item, or click the "Browse for a Product" tab to click through category links until you find what you want. Alternately, click the "Links & Banners" menu tab, click the "Product Links" option and use the menus to bring up the product you prefer.

Click the item link to access its product page on Amazon. The Amazon page is what your customers see when they click your link on Facebook.

Click the "Share" drop-down menu, then click the "Facebook" option. Log in to your Facebook account when prompted.

Click the drop-down menu next to the Share title to specify whether you want the affiliate link to show up on your own timeline, in a group post or a friend's timeline. Type text to go with your link (if preferred) in the designated text box, then click the "Share Link" button to publish it to your post.


When you submit a link on Facebook, you have the option to hide the thumbnail image that automatically accompanies it. Do this by clicking the "No Thumbnail" box in the Facebook "Share This Link" dialog window.