How to Edit a Craigslist Ad

By Kim Lewis

You may have placed an ad inside of Craigslist for business purposes. If you need to modify your post to update it or fix any errors you have made, Craigslist has a simple procedure that you can use. You can make changes to the ad's title, description or images, and you can even change the category where your ad is posted. You will need your account information or the email you received when you submitted your post.

Using Email

Log into your email account, and locate the “Post/Edit/Delete” email Craigslist sent you after your ad was posted. If you do not have it, navigate to the help page and have the email resent.

Click on the Web address included inside of your email. You will be taken to a page where you can manage your post.

Select the button labeled “Edit This Posting,” and you will be taken to an “Edit Posting” screen. Make the changes you wish, then click “Continue.” Refresh the page to verify that your changes have been made.

Using Your Craigslist Account

Go to the Craigslist website and click on “My Account.” Scroll down, and input your email or username. Enter your password, then click “Log In.”

Find your ad under “Posting.” Go to “Manage” next to it, and click “Edit” so that the edit posting screen loads.

Make the necessary changes to your ad. Refresh the page to verify that the changes have been made.