How to Download Photos From an iPhone on Windows Vista

By KR Knowlin

Updated February 10, 2017

With Windows Vista, you can connect digital cameras to your computer to download pictures from a flash memory card or from the camera's internal memory. Vista recognizes your iPhone's built-in camera just as it detects any digital camera you connect to the computer so you can download photos from the iPhone to your PC hard drive. Downloading photos from the iPhone to Windows Vista will allow you to organize the pictures on your computer so you can transfer them to other storage devices or share the picture files online.

Connect the iPhone to your computer with the iPhone USB dock cable. Vista automatically opens the AutoPlay dialog box.

Select "Import Pictures and Videos Using Windows" from the AutoPlay window. A new dialog opens.

Click the "Import" button of the Import Pictures and Videos dialog box. A progress bar appears and Vista begins to import your photos to the Windows Photo Gallery application.

Wait for the import to complete. Vista automatically launches Window Photo Gallery.

Click the "Recently Imported" heading in the left sidebar to view your iPhone photos.