How to Download, Install and Set Up Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

By Kefa Olang

Installing and setting up the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema enables you to record video, take pictures and video chat using a variety of video and instant messaging programs. Before using the webcam for multimedia, it must be installed properly to avoid running into USB connection problems. Using the guided installation process to install the LifeCam Cinema and enjoy 720p high-definition widescreen video with your favorite programs.

Insert the LifeCam Software disc that comes with the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema into the CD/DVD-ROM drive and run the setup to start the installation wizard. Visit the Microsoft downloads page if you don't have an installation disc (link in Resources). Click the "Webcams" link and click "LifeCam Cinema." Select your operating system and click the "Download" link to download and run the installation wizard.

Connect the USB cable on the LifeCam Cinema to an open USB port when the software prompts you to. Follow the guided prompts in the installation wizard to complete the setup.

Place the LifeCam Cinema on top of your monitor or a flat surface. Use the clamp on the webcam to attach it to a monitor.

Click the "Start" button, "All Programs" and "Microsoft LifeCam" to launch the program. When the software displays the live video, adjust the webcam's swivel to aim it properly. Swivel the webcam up or down and side by side to change the angle until you're properly framed.


You can use the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema with instant messaging programs. Refer to your program's documentation for information on configuring and setting video display settings for use with the webcam.


Do not connect the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema to the computer before the software instructs you to or you risk running into connection conflicts.