How to Download CD Songs Onto Your iPod

by Lara Webster ; Updated February 10, 2017

Your iPod will hold songs obtained from iTunes, third party websites or CDs. Regardless of where you get your music, it must be added to your iPod via iTunes on your computer. After you successfully add your CD tracks to your iPod, as long as your iPod is set to manual sync mode, you may delete the tracks from iTunes. If your iPod is set to sync automatically, you must leave the CD songs in iTunes or they will be deleted from your iPod the next time you connect it to iTunes.

Open iTunes on your computer and insert the CD into the appropriate computer drive. Wait for iTunes to detect your CD. The disc will appear in the iTunes sidebar, which runs down the left side of the screen.

Click once on the title of the CD in the sidebar to view the track list. If you don't want to import one or more of the songs into iTunes, uncheck the box next to the song title. To import the entire CD, just leave all the boxes checked.

Click the "Import" button at the bottom of the iTunes screen. The message window at the very top of iTunes will display the import progress, and let you know when the entire CD has been successfully added to iTunes.

Attach your iPod to your computer using the white connector to USB cable that came with the device.

Click on the "Music" link in the iTunes sidebar to see your library, which now includes the songs you added from the CD. Drag each of the newly imported CD songs over to the name of your iPod in the sidebar. Drop the song on the iPod to download the song to your device. To add all of the CD songs at once, hold down the "Control" key as you click each song title, and then drag the entire group of songs to the iPod at the same time.

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