How to Download a Podcast to an iPod

By Editorial Team

Updated February 10, 2017

Podcasts are audio or video files made available for download from the Internet. They span a huge range of interests. With a podcast download, you can listen to your favorite radio and TV shows in audio format. You can catch a synopsis of the day's news during a commute, while working out in the gym or going for a walk. Audio podcast files come in all lengths, depending on the content. Video podcasts, which are typically five- to 10-minute video clips of your favorite interactive materials, are gaining in popularity with the explosion of smartphones on the market.

Download Apple's free iTunes media-management software if you don't already have it installed on your computer. Launch iTunes. In the left-hand navigation panel of iTunes, click "iTunes Store." Select the "Podcasts" tab from the top of iTunes main window to display popular podcasts as well as options to search by category or view staff favorites, only audio podcasts or only video podcasts.

Once you find the podcast that you want, click on it. Tap "Free" to download individual episodes of a podcast or "Subscribe Free" to subscribe to the podcast.

Once the podcast has downloaded, plug your iPod into your computer and let it sync up with iTunes. Search your iPod and make sure that the podcast synced properly. If you downloaded a subscription podcast, every time your iPod syncs, any new episodes transfer to your iPod.


IPod Touch users can download podcasts directly from the iTunes Store to their mobile devices with the iTunes app. Tap the "iTunes" icon on the iPod Touch home screen. Tap "More" in the bottom-right corner and select "Podcasts."