How to Downgrade an Account on LinkedIn

By Joshua Phillips

LinkedIn, a social networking service, caters towards business professionals by allowing them to link together with other professionals in the same field. LinkedIn accounts are split into two groups: free and premium. However, premium accounts are further split as there are different tiers to a premium account, with higher tiers costing more per month but offering more services. For example, the Business premium account allows you to see 300 profiles when you search, while the Business Plus allows you to see 500. If you want to downgrade your premium account to a lower tier, you must contact LinkedIn customer service.

Navigate to the "Submit Your Question" LinkedIn form (see Resources).

Enter the first name, last name and email address associated with the account you want to downgrade in the fields provided.

Type "Downgrade My Premium Account," without the quotation marks, in the subject field.

Enter the reason why you want to downgrade your account, and the tier you want to downgrade to, in the "Your Question" field.

Click "Continue" to send your request to LinkedIn customer service. In general, it takes two business days for customer service to respond to your inquiry, at which point they will contact you and downgrade your account.


If you want to cancel your premium account, rather than downgrade it, you can do so from the Settings page of your account.