How to Do Powerpoint Handout Prints with More Than 9 Slides on Each Page?

By Ryan Menezes

Simple presentations produce simple handouts.
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Microsoft PowerPoint limits your handouts to a maximum of nine slides on each page. Larger numbers of slides usually leave each slide too small to view clearly, but your particular presentation may be a special case. Though PowerPoint itself will not print more than nine slides per page, you can put more slides on each printed page by printing multiple pages on each sheet.

Open your PowerPoint presentation. Click "File" and select "Print."

Click the Print Layout drop-down box and click an option in the Handouts section. For example, click "4 Slides Horizontal."

Click "Printer Properties" to open your print options window.

Click the "Pages per Sheet" drop-down box and choose a number greater than one. For example, click "6." Six pages of four slides each will produce 24 slides per sheet.

Click "OK" to close the properties window and then click "Print" to print your handout.