How to Do Different Prices for the Same Product in QuickBooks

By Avery Martin

QuickBooks provides an advanced option for configuring price item levels for products. This feature is turned off by default and is available only in QuickBooks Premiere or higher. Once you have turned on price level settings, you can decide whether to set the price level increase or decrease by a percentage or by using a fixed price. If your company sells products with more than one option, such as shirts that come in different sizes, this feature can help simplify transactions.

Select "Edit" and "Preferences."

Select "Sales & Customers."

Click the "Company Preferences" tab.

Check the "Price Levels" check box to turn on price levels.

Select the option to round sales prices to the nearest whole dollar if you want to round items up when using percentages. Click "OK."

Click the "Lists" menu and "Price Level" list.

Click the "Price Level" drop-down arrow button and click "New" or "Edit Price Level."

Type a name for the price level in the Name field.

Select "Fixed %" or "Per Item" depending on whether you want to set the individual prices by a percentage or by assigning a fixed price for each item.

For percentages, choose whether you want to increase or decrease by a percentage and type the percentage. For per item transactions, set the price for each level. Click "OK."


If you have foreign customers, make sure the item price levels match the currency of the foreign customer if you are using the per item option.


Information in this article applies to QuickBooks 2013 Premiere or Enterprise. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.