How to Do a Screen Shot in Microsoft Word 2007

By Jason Artman

Updated February 10, 2017

With computer-related tasks, it is often much simpler to show someone how to accomplish something than it is to describe the task with words. Therefore, if you are typing a computer-related document in Microsoft Word 2007, you may be able to save a great deal of text by adding a few screen shots to illustrate your instructions. To simply the process of adding screen shots, Word 2007 has the ability to take images directly from the Windows clipboard.

Push the "Print Screen" -- or "Prt Scr," or similar -- key on your keyboard to create a screen capture of the entire screen, everything you see on your monitor. Alternatively, press "Alt" and "Print Screen" simultaneously to capture only the currently selected window.

Switch to the Word 2007 window and place the cursor at the location where you would like the screenshot to appear.

Push the right mouse button, and select "Paste" on the context menu that appears. The screen capture appears in the Word 2007 document, automatically resized to fit the page.

Click the image, and then drag the handles on the sides and corners of the screenshot to change its size and dimensions.

Hold the mouse pointer over the image until a four-pointed arrow appears. Click and drag with the mouse to change the positioning of the image within the document.

Right-click the image, and then click "Text Wrapping" to change the way that the text in the document wraps around the image. For example, select "Square" to make the text in the document form a square around the image.