How to Do a Hard Reset on a Palm Pixi Without a Password

By Randall Blackburn

Restore factory settings on your Palm Pixi with a master reset.
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Perform a hard reset on the Palm Pixi by using one of two methods: The first method is performed from within the operating system; The second method, the hardware full reset, is performed by pressing and holding a series of keys on the device. Neither method requires a password if you have not set security on the Pixi. However, if you set a password on the phone, and then you forgot it, you will need to perform the hardware full reset to restore the phone to factory settings. A hard reset on the Pixi is also known as a factory reset or master reset.

Hard Reset from OS

Tap the “Launcher” icon from the Palm Pixi home screen to open the Applications menu.

Tap the “Device Info” icon. Swipe right or left if you do not see the Device Info icon.

Tap the “Reset Options” tab to open the Reset menu.

Tap the “Full Erase” option. A warning message displays.

Read the warning, and then tap “Full Erase.” The Palm Pixi is wiped of all data, and factory default software is restored. The phone reboots and restarts.

Hardware Full Reset

Press the “Option” key, the “Sym” key and the “Power” button on the Palm Pixi at the same time.

Hold the three buttons for three seconds.

Release the buttons when the Palm Pixi powers off. The phone reboots, and then restarts. When the phone powers back up, original factory settings are restored.


Perform a soft reset by simultaneously pressing and holding the “Options,” “Sym” and “R” keys. You can also perform a soft reset by powering down the phone, and removing, then reinserting the battery. The soft reset does not restore original settings, but this type of reset will close applications that crash or hang, and will solve many issues with the device. Try a soft reset before attempting to restore your device to factory settings.


Performing either type of hard reset removes all apps, files and settings from the Palm Pixi. Back up your data before performing a hard reset, if possible.

Information provided applies to the Palm Pixi and the Palm Pixi Plus. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other Palm devices.