How to Do a Collage on PowerPoint

By Filonia LeChat

Whether you’re planning to create an entire PowerPoint slideshow out of your favorite images or a single slide that contains pictures that tell a story, using the presentation program to create a collage is easy. Designing a collage in PowerPoint takes the same form as when you insert pictures for a more traditional presentation, but with a collage the pictures are the presentation. Move your images around and create your design without any of the glue and paper mess. You also won’t be putting your original images at risk of damage from cutting and pasting – it’s all done electronically for your own, custom virtual collage.

Start PowerPoint. Click once on the “Click to add title” placeholder text box on the slide and press the “Delete” key to remove it. Repeat to delete the “Click to add subtitle” text box. While these won’t show up on your collage, it gets them out of the way for you get creative.

Click the “Insert” tab. Click the “Picture” button on the ribbon.

Navigate to where the pictures for the collage are located. Press and hold down the “Ctrl” key. Click once on each image to include in the collage. Click the “Open” button when all images are highlighted. The pictures tile onto the PowerPoint slide.

Click a picture and drag it into place on the slide. It may be helpful to drag all the images off the slide, onto the blue PowerPoint work background, and then drag them one by one onto the actual slide.

Position all images as desired, such as aligning them edge to edge for a patchwork look or overlapping for a look more akin to the old paper-and-glue style collage. Take care that the pictures do not overlap off the white slide border onto the blue PowerPoint background.

Resize images as desired by clicking one and pressing down the “Shift” key. Click the picture’s corner and drag to the middle to shrink it. Note that enlarging an image may damage the integrity of the picture, causing it to pixelate. Shrinking is always a better bet.

Click the “File” tab. Click “Save As.” Type a name for the collage file in the “File name” field. Click the “Save” button.


The multi-click, multi-add feature for importing images onto the PowerPoint slide only works if the pictures are in the same location, such as the desktop or a single folder. If your collage images are in several locations you’ll need to browse to each individually and double-click them to add them to the slide. Then, once they’re all piled onto the slide, you can create your collage by moving them around as illustrated here.