How to Do a Bigger Font on Craigslist

By Anthony Oster

HTML code can be considered the building blocks of the Internet.
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Craigslist is a user-driven classified ad forum where business owners can advertise, sell their products or services and even trade with other users. While the basic settings on Craigslist can be accessed immediately, you may alter the text on your ad with HTML tags. Using HTML tags can allow you to alter the size and color of your text, create bold or italicized text and even create basic tables.

Visit and click "My Account" to log in with your account or create a new account.

Click "Post to Classifieds" and select the type of ad you want to place.

Enter the text of your ad in the Posting Description box. Use the HTML code "<big>" (without the quotations) before the word or sentences that you wish to enlarge. To disable the larger font, type the code "</big>" (without the quotations) after the word or sentences that you want to enlarge. Any text that is placed after the deactivated HTML code will be standard sized. In the sentence "This is a <big> HUGE </big> sale," the word "HUGE" will be enlarged, while the other text will be unaffected.

Click "Continue," then elect to upload images or click "Done with images" to preview your post. If the text of your post appears to your liking, click "Continue" to post the ad or click "Edit Text" to alter your text.


HTML font sizes can range in values from 1 to 7, with a font size of 3 being the default setting. Another HTML code used to alter text size is <font size="N">, where "N" is a number between one and seven. As with the other HTML code, place the HTML code before the word or words you want to enlarge and disable the code by typing "</font>" (without the quotations). The sentence "This sale is <font size = "7"> Going </font> <font size ="3"> Going </font> <font size ="1"> Gone </font>." will make the words "Going," "Going" and "Gone" appear to gradually decrease in size.


A misplaced HTML tag can ruin the overall look of your ad. Write the text of your ad out in a word processing program before adding HTML code.