How to Disassemble an EMachines Laptop

By Ezekiel James

Updated February 10, 2017

Learn to disassemble an eMachines laptop.
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EMachines is a Korean computer manufacturing company founded in 1998. EMachines laptops are generally considered to be low-priced consumer-level computers. As with any laptop, eMachines computers are still subject to faulty hardware that needs troubleshooting, and may have to be repaired or replaced. In these cases, you need to know how to disassemble your eMachines laptop safely and correctly. Dismantling any laptop incorrectly can, and often does, result in permanent damage to your computer's components. Each eMachines laptop is different in the way it is disassembled.

Turn off your laptop, fold down the LCD screen and unplug the AC power adapter. Place the laptop facedown, and then position it so the front opening is facing you.

Locate the battery pack in the upper right corner of the laptop's bottom casing. Press on the battery release button, and then remove it from the battery compartment.

Locate the memory compartment cover in the laptop's lower left corner. Remove the single Phillips screw securing the cover in place. Remove the cover from the laptop. Spread the white latches on each side of the memory module. Tilt the module at an angle and remove it from the memory slot. Repeat this for each module removed.

Locate the hard drive compartment in the laptop's lower right corner. Remove the Phillips-head screws securing the hard drive to its compartment. Slide it out of the compartment and set it aside.

Remove all remaining Phillips-head screws from the laptop's bottom casing. Place the laptop vertically with the back of the LCD hinges facing upward. There are hinge covers behind each LCD hinge. Remove the single Phillips screw from each hinge cover. Remove the hinges from the laptop.

Place the laptop faceup, and then pull open the LCD screen. Insert a small, flat-head screwdriver into the center of the keyboard bezel. The bezel is a small strip of plastic located above the top row of keyboard keys. It spans the entire width of the laptop. Pry up the bezel until it disengages from the laptop casing. Remove it from the laptop.

Remove the the three retaining Phillips-head screws from behind the top row of keyboard keys. Lift the keyboard out of its compartment, and then carefully place it facedown over the palm rest.

Locate the small circuit board below the LCD screen near the top of the laptop's upper casing. Remove the single Phillips-head screw securing it to the laptop. Lift straight up on the circuit board to disconnect it from the laptop. Set the circuit board to the side.

Locate the large ribbon cable coming out of the bottom side of the keyboard. Locate its connector on the motherboard. Use a flat-head screwdriver to gently disengage the locking tabs on each side of the keyboard connector. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard. Remove the keyboard from the laptop.

Locate the touchpad cable situated above the touchpad area of the laptop. Disconnect the touchpad cable from its connector on the motherboard.

Locate the two LCD video cables coming out of the left side of the LCD screen. There is one large LCD cable and a smaller cable. Remove the black Phillips-head screw securing the larger cable to the motherboard. Disconnect both cables from their connectors on the motherboard.

Remove the single Phillips-head screws from each LCD hinge. Lift the LCD screen panel off the laptop's base and set it to the side.

Remove all remaining Phillips-head screws from the laptop's upper casing. Remove the upper casing from the laptop base. This reveals all the internal components of your eMachines computer.

Items you will need

  • Precision screwdriver set

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • ESD wrist strap


Use an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) wrist strap during the disassembly procedure. This prevents electrical damage to your computer.