How to Disable BIOS Memory Options & Caching in a Dell

By Stephen Lilley

Updated February 10, 2017

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To disable the memory options and caching functionality of the BIOS on a Dell computer, you'll have to do so through the Dell setup utility itself. Disabling these options will have no affect on the stability of the computer. These options are typically in place simply to ensure that the computer is operating correctly. Disabling them will actually cause the computer to boot up faster than it has in the past with the options enabled.

Turn on the Dell computer.

Press the "F2" key to access the BIOS.

Highlight the "System" menu option and hit "Enter." This will bring up a list of different performance options that relate to the BIOS, including memory and caching-related options.

Highlight the option you want to disable. It will have the word "Enabled" next to its name. Hit "Enter." Select "Disable" and hit "Enter" again to disable the option. Repeat this step for all memory and caching-related options that you would like to disable in the Dell BIOS.

Press the "ESC" keyboard key to exit the "System" menu and return to the main BIOS menu. Highlight "Save and Exit" to save the options' changes and exit the BIOS. The computer will now reboot.