How to Delete the Google History Without Deleting the Entire Thing

By Kirk Bennet

Google Chrome, like all major Web browsers, stores pages you've visited in its History section. This is a useful feature that enables you to browse through the history and quickly find pages that you've visited in the past. But this feature also enables anyone that has access to your computer to view your history and invade your privacy. You don't need to delete Google Chrome to delete the history, and you can delete individual items from history without deleting the entire history. Chrome enables you to delete items in the History section with just a few mouse clicks.

Launch Google Chrome, click the "Menu" icon and then click "History" in the menu to navigate to the History page. Alternatively, press "Ctrl-H" to open the History page.

Hover the cursor over one of the pages and click the check box that appears to select the page. Select all items that you want to delete.

Click the "Remove Selected Items" button to delete the items from the History.

Click "Clear All Browsing Data" if you want to delete the entire history. The "Clear Browsing Data" window pops up.

Uncheck all options except the "Clear Browsing History" option and select "the beginning of time" in the "Obliterate the following items from" box.

Click "Clear Browsing Data" to delete the entire history.


It's a good idea to periodically clean your history.


Deleting the history is a permanent action; you can't recover your history.