How to Delete the Calendar on an iPad

By William Pullman

Keep the Calendar application organized by deleting unused calendars.
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The iPad's Calendar application allows users to create multiple calendars, such as one for work and one for personal appointments. You can also synchronize other calendars, such as your company's Outlook calendar, with the iPad to keep track of your appointments when away from the office. If you no longer use some of the calendars, it's wise to get rid of them. You can delete calendars created with the iPad Calendar application from within the app, while you can delete synchronized calendars from the iPad's Settings application.

Calendar Application

Tap "Calendar" on the home screen to open the Calendar application, and then tap the "Calendars" button. A list of your calendars appears on the screen. If you only have one calendar, you need to first create a new calendar before you can delete the current calendar.

Touch "Edit" and then "Add Calendar" to create a new calendar. Enter a name in the "Calendar Name" text box, and then tap the color that you want to use for the calendar. Tap "Done" when finished. The list of calendars appears on the screen again.

Tap the arrow next to the calendar that you want to delete to open the editing options for that calendar.

Touch "Delete Calendar," and then tap it a second time to confirm deleting the calendar.

Synced Calendars

Tap "Settings" on the home screen, and then tap the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" tab.

Touch the name of the calendar account in the Accounts section to view information about the account.

Tap "Delete Account" followed by "Delete" to confirm deleting the account.


If you change your mind about deleting the calendar, tap "Cancel" when prompted to confirm the action.


Information in this article applies to iOS 6.1. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.