How to Delete Subscriptions on YouTube

By Will Conley

Deleting extraneous YouTube subscriptions helps you see more of what you want.
i Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you can opt to see that channel's uploads, shares, favorites and ratings on your YouTube homepage. As a small business owner, this feature keeps you abreast of all the latest YouTube activity from industry experts and broadcasters in whom you are interested. However, your subscription feed can quickly become overpopulated with too much information if you subscribe to more than a few dozen channels. You can decrease that visual noise by deleting subscriptions through your subscription manager or subscription center, or while viewing a channel or video.

Through Your Subscription Manager

Log in to YouTube and click "Subscriptions" in the column on the left. This displays the latest updates from all your subscriptions.

Click the link below the word "Subscriptions" above the subscription update list. This navigates your browser to your YouTube subscription manager.

Scroll through your subscription list and click the "Subscribed" button adjacent to any channel subscription you want to delete.

Through Your Subscription Center

Click your username in the menu bar while signed in to YouTube and select "My Subscriptions."

Click the channel name from which you want to unsubscribe in the subscription list. This displays that channel's subscription page.

Click the "Subscribed" button next to the channel title to immediately delete the channel subscription.

Through a Channel or Video

Navigate to a channel page or a video page belonging to the channel from which you want to unsubscribe.

Locate the "Subscribed" button in the channel or video page. On channel pages, it appears adjacent to the channel title. On video pages, it appears below the video title.

Click the "Subscribed" button to delete the associated subscription.