How to Delete SonicWALL

By Solomon Poretsky

SonicWALL blocks spam, making your email work better.
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Dell's SonicWALL Anti-Spam desktop product works with email clients to increase overall security and block unwanted spam. It is a software-based, local computer adjunct to SonicWALL's hardware products, which sit in a network's hardware stack and provide local area network security, spam blocking and performance management enhancements.

Preparing to Uninstall SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop

As is usually the case when uninstalling programs, it is important to shut down any running programs before you start the process of removing Dell SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop. This reduces the risk of causing system conflicts or instability. Be especially careful to close email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Qualcomm Eudora, as SonicWALL integrates closely with them.

Uninstalling SonicWALL Software Through the Start Menu

To uninstall SonicWALL software through the Start menu, click the "Start" button on your desktop and choose "All Programs." Scroll through the menu until you find the "Dell SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop" option. Click on it and you should see an "Uninstall" option. Click on this option to start the process. You'll be prompted to click on a "Next" button, and then the process will continue. When the uninstall is complete, you click the "Finish" button.

Uninstalling SonicWALL Through the Control Panel

Using the Control Panel to uninstall Dell SonicWALL involves opening the Control Panel from the Windows Start menu and double-clicking on the "Add or Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" option. You'll need to locate and click on the "Dell SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop" entry, and then click the "Change/Remove" button. Clicking on the "Next" button uninstalls the software, and when the process is complete, you click the "Finish" button.

Drawbacks to Uninstalling SonicWALL

The SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop program helps to protect your computer from spam and malicious emails. Leaving your computer unprotected could lead to a flood of unwanted junk email and the risk of "phishing" emails that attempt to fool you into divulging your usernames and passwords to hackers. Other anti-spam products are available, but SonicWALL includes advanced technologies that these alternatives may lack.