How to Delete Recently Viewed Items on eBay

By Melissa King

Manage your buying and selling activity in My eBay.
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eBay enables you to buy the supplies and equipment your business needs at a discountedprice. When you look at an item on eBay, it gets saved to the Recently Viewed Items list. This allows you to quickly access an item's listing again if you decide to buy it. If you aren't interested in an item anymore, you can delete it from your Recently Viewed list.

Navigate to the eBay sign-in page and log in to your account.

Go to the eBay homepage and scroll down to see your Recently Viewed list.

Click the left or right arrow to scroll through the items you've viewed.

Click "Clear" below an item to delete it from the Recently Viewed list.


To delete an item from your Watch list, go to My eBay. Click the check box next to an item in the Watch List section, and click "Delete."

To delete a saved search, go to My eBay and click "Saved Searches" under Lists. Click "More Actions" next to a search, and click "Delete Search."