How to Delete Recently Closed Tabs on Google Chrome

By James Wright

Chrome has a number of features designed to enable you to navigate the Internet faster; for example, it has a selection of your recently visited sites whenever you open a new tab and it saves your history to help suggest pages to you when you start typing in the address bar. In the event you need to clear this recent data, Chrome also lets you delete it with varying levels of specificity, from specific websites to clearing all recent data altogether.

Remove pages from the "Most visited" section on new tabs by hovering over the page thumbnail and clicking the small "X" in the upper right corner of each one. When you open a new tab it will display up to eight pages you've recently visited or that you visit often; as you click the "X" to remove some pages, the next in the queue will replace them, so you may need to click a few to remove all the ones you want to hide.

Remove specific items from your history by clicking the Chrome menu button (the small icon of three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the Chrome window), then clicking "History." Hover over each page you want to remove, then check the box that appears on the left of each page next to the date it was visited. When you have finished selecting, click "Remove selected items." Alternatively, if you don't have anything you want to keep, just click "Clear all browsing data" without needing to check anything first.

Clear history, cache, saved passwords and other data from the privacy section in Chrome's settings. Click the "Menu" button, click "Settings," then scroll to the bottom and click the "Show advanced settings" blue hyperlink. Under the "Privacy" section, click "Clear browsing data" and select the options you'd like to clear. For data like recently closed tabs and other history, select "Clear browsing history" and "Clear saved Autofill form data."


If you're using a public computer or want to clear most of Chrome's personal data quickly, use the tool mentioned in step 3; you can access it quickly by pressing "Ctrl-Shift-Del."

If you want to open your history tab more easily, press "Ctrl-H."