How to Delete Multiple Favorites in Internet Explorer

By Aaron Wein

Remove multiple bookmarks from Internet Explorer.
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Internet Explorer lets you save frequently visited pages to the Web browser's Favorites folder, allowing you to quickly access your top websites. This comes in handy if you have a gauntlet of business-related websites you run through every time you get into work, saving you time in the long run from manually typing the page's address. If your Favorites menu becomes overloaded with websites, you can clean the clutter by deleting several bookmarked pages at once through Internet Explorer. You can also use File Explorer to remove favorites.

Open Internet Explorer and click the "Favorites" button. The Favorites window opens.

Click "Organize Favorites" to view a new window.

Click "New Folder," type the folder's name and press "Enter" to finish creating the new folder. Every bookmarked page you want to delete will go into this folder.

Drag and drop each unwanted bookmarked page into the folder you just created.

Select the folder and select "Delete" to delete the folder and all of your unwanted favorites.


You can also delete favorites in bulk using File Explorer. From the Start screen, swipe from the right side of the screen and tap the "Search" icon. If you are using a mouse, point the cursor to the top right and drag down, then click "Search." Type "File Explorer," select "Apps" and select "File Explorer" to open File Explorer. Select "Computer" in the left pane, choose the "C:" drive and select "Users." Select your username and choose "Favorites" to view your Internet Explorer favorites. Highlight multiple favorites, press "Delete" and confirm the deletion when prompted. You can highlight multiple favorites by holding "Ctrl" and selecting each favorite or pressing "Ctrl-A" to highlight all favorites.