How to Delete Messages From YouTube

By Will Conley

YouTube is designed not just to showcase videos but to facilitate socialization.
i Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you're using YouTube to market your business, you can interact with your fellow YouTube users both publicly and privately. Publicly, you can drop comments and post video reactions to other user-uploaded videos. Privately, you can send and receive personal messages. Your personal YouTube inbox can quickly fill up with messages if you frequently communicate. To clean up your inbox, you can delete your personal messages one at a time or in bulk.

Log in to your YouTube account, click your username in the menu bar, and select "Inbox" to view your received YouTube messages.

Click inside the check box adjacent to any and all messages you want to delete.

Click "Delete" to immediately remove all of the selected messages from your YouTube inbox. There is no confirmation step, so this action is permanent.


A quick, alternative way to view your YouTube messages is to navigate your Web browser directly to