How to Delete Functions in Excel

By Kirk Bennet

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 enables you to create complex spreadsheets for your clients and investors and perform basic and advanced calculations with various functions in your spreadsheets. If you no longer need a function in your Excel spreadsheet, you can easily delete it without affecting the data used by the function. Functions are displayed and can be edited in the Function box. If you delete a function and save and close the spreadsheet, you won't be able to recover the function.

Click the cell that contains the function that you want to remove. The function is displayed in the Function box near the top of the Excel window.

Click the beginning of the formula and drag the mouse cursor until you reach the end of the formula to select it. If the function is too long, click the "Expand Formula Bar" button located at the end of the Formula bar.

Press "Delete" to delete the function, and press "Ctrl-S" to save the latest version of the spreadsheet.