How to Delete Camera Memory on a Computer

By Sarah Barnes

i Jupiterimages/ Images

Your digital camera's memory card can fill up quickly, and deleting pictures off the camera one by one is tedious. Even the smallest memory cards usually hold more than 100 photos, making it a chore to delete them individually. It's much easier to hook up your camera to your computer and delete all the photos at once.

Deleting Camera Memory

Connect your camera's USB cord or insert the memory card into your computer. If you're unsure of how to do this, consult your owner's manual for diagrams. Your computer may not have the proper slot for your memory card; if this is the case, either use the USB cord or purchase an external memory card holder, which connects to your computer via USB.

Open Microsoft Windows, and then open "My Computer" and find the drive corresponding to your USB or memory card slot if a folder containing your camera's images does not automatically pop up on your screen. On a Mac, the drive should appear on your desktop; if not, check "Finder."

Open the folder containing the image files and delete any you wish to remove by clicking on them and dragging them to your "Trash" bin. Keep in mind that this permanently deletes the photos off the camera, so if you want to keep any of the photos, make sure you copy them to a new folder on your hard drive first.


If you experience any problems--such as not being able to find the folder containing the pictures, or any hardware errors--consult your owner's manual for instructions. Every camera is different, and there may be an extra step needed based on your model.