How to Delete Ads from AOL Mail Page

By Melissa King

Ads may distract you while you're writing and reading email.
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If you use AOL as your email client, you might have noticed ads on the page when you're reading or writing messages. AOL Mail is a free service that's supported by revenue from these ads, and hence AOL does not enable you to turn off ads completely. You can get rid of them temporarily, though, by composing your emails in a new window.

Turn Off Ads for One Session

Go to the AOL Mail sign-in page (link in Resources). Sign in to your account.

Click the "Email" button in the top left corner of the page.

Click "New Window" to open the email in an ad-free window.

Always Open Mail in a New Window

Sign in to your AOL Mail account.

Click "Options" and "Settings."

Select "Always Write Mail in a New Window" in the Pop-Up Windows section.

Click "Save Settings."


By default, AOL uses behavioral advertising to display ads that may interest you. To stop this tracking, click the "Opt Out" button on the About Our Ads page (link in Resources). AOL won't track you, but you'll still continue to see ads. This does not remove ads from AOL Mail.