How to Delete a List You Made Under the Friends Category on Facebook

By Aaron Wein

Delete lists of friends on Facebook.
i Marili Forastieri/Photodisc/Getty Images

Facebook enables you to create friends lists within your friends list to help organize all of your Facebook connections. For instance, you can create separate lists for employees or clients. Facebook also enables you to manage these lists, adding more people or deleting lists entirely. If you have unused or redundant friends list, remove them using Facebook's list editing tools.

Log in to Facebook and hover your cursor over "Friends" in the left column.

Click "More" to view all of your friends lists.

Click the friends list you want to delete.

Click the "Manage List" button and click "Delete List." A prompt opens asking you to confirm the deletion.

Click "Delete List" to finish deleting it.


Deleting a list does not remove anyone in the list from your master friends list.