How to Cross Reference Between Excel Spreadsheets

By A.J. Andrews

Microsoft’s Excel 2010 application software offers several functions and tools that contribute to a business’s effectiveness, such as invoicing, budgeting, reporting and data storage in the form of graphs, charts and spreadsheets. Users can also view and cross-reference data from more than one spreadsheet, allowing a business to perform calculations on separate spreadsheets and place the results on the primary spreadsheet.

Open the primary Excel spreadsheet that will show the information you will cross reference with. This information is derived from a secondary spreadsheet.

Browse your computer and locate the secondary spreadsheet that contains the data you plan to reference. Open the secondary spreadsheet.

Go back to the primary spreadsheet and click the cell that you want to view the secondary spreadsheet's data in.

Push “=” on your keyboard and switch to the secondary spreadsheet.

Click the cell on the secondary spreadsheet that contains the data you want to view on the primary spreadsheet. Press “Enter.” The data is available for reference on the primary spreadsheet.


You can cross-reference multiple spreadsheets in the same manner used when cross-referencing one spreadsheet. Open the other spreadsheets. On the primary spreadsheet, place a "=" in the cell you want view the data in. Click the cells on the other spreadsheets and press "Enter" to view that data in the primary spreadsheet.