How to Crop a Signature in Word

By Ryan Menezes

Remove extraneous content from your scanned signature.
i Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

When you create business contracts or letters in Microsoft Word, you can include your signature by inserting a scanned image. This scanned signature, which could be part of a larger document, may contain unnecessary content from the original. If you'll repeatedly insert this image into documents, cropping it down will help reduce document sizes and give documents a cleaner look. Word includes its own cropping tool for editing the embedded signature from within the program.

Click the embedded signature to select it.

Click "Format" in the Word ribbon.

Click "Crop" in the ribbon's Size group to enter crop mode.

Click an edge or corner of the signature and drag it inward. Word removes all color from the cropped area and shifts the image's borders.

Click "Crop" in the ribbon to crop the signature to the selected area.