How to Create Nametags From Excel

By Tricia Goss

Create custom nametags from a spreadsheet.
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One benefit of using Microsoft Excel to create tables containing information such as the names and titles of employees or conference attendees is that you can use that table later as a data source for a mail merge in Word. You can also use this feature to create nametags and print them on perforated sheets or customize the size to suit your needs. The key is setting up the spreadsheet for the merge and then using the correct fields to import the data into Word.

Preparing the Worksheet

Add headings to the Excel worksheet if the columns do not already have them. Your headings do not have to match Word's merge fields, but using functional headings such as "First Name" and "Last Name" will make the merge process easier.

Delete any blank rows or columns within the data. Right-click on a blank row or column and select "Delete." Choose "Entire Row" or "Entire Column" and click "OK."

Select the entire table. Click the "Formulas" tab and click "Define Name" in the Defined Names group. Enter a name for the list, such as "Nametags," and click "OK."

Save the workbook and close Excel.

Performing the Merge

Open Microsoft Word. Select the "Mailings" tab and click "Start Mail Merge" in the Start Mail Merge group. Choose "Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard." The Mail Merge pane opens.

Select "Labels" under Document Type and click "Next." Click "Label Options" and choose the brand and product number if you are using commercial nametag sheets. Click the "New Label" button to enter custom label dimensions. Click "OK" to continue.

Click "Next" to select your data. Select "Use an Existing List" and click "Next."

Click "Insert Merge Field" in the "Write & Insert Fields" group on the Mailings tab. Click on the first heading that you want to appear on the nametags, such as "First Name." Insert all of the fields you want on the tags and format the fields as you want the text to appear, adjusting the font, size and alignment as needed. Click the "Update All Labels" button to add the merge fields to all of the nametags.

Click "Next" to preview the nametags. Edit the tags as desired, then click "Next" to complete the merge.

Click "Print" under Merge to print the nametags, or press "Ctrl-S" to save the nametags to use in the future.