How to Create an Organization Profile on Facebook

By Melly Parker

Facebook is a social network that your business can use to connect with existing clients and new customers. You can offer sales, announce events, promote new products and share other news through your organization's page. Organizations cannot have a Facebook profile such as those created by individual users, but you can create a Facebook Page for your business. You won't be able to friend people, but you can have an unlimited number of fans or followers who "like" your page.

Navigate to Facebook and click "Sign Up."

Type the first and last name of the person whose profile will be attached to your business page. Enter that user's email address, password, gender and birthday.

Wait for a email confirmation from Facebook and when it arrives in your inbox, click on the embedded link to confirm your account.

Navigate in your Web browser to the "Create a Page" page (link in Resources).

Click "Company, Organization or Institution." Choose a category from the drop-down menu, type in your business name and agree to Facebook's terms of service. Click "Get Started."

Add a photo to represent your company. Click "Upload from Computer," select the desired photo and choose "Open." Click "Save Photo."

Enter a description of your company and a link to your website. Click "Save Info."