How to Create an Activity Report in SalesForce

By William Pullman

You can customize your Salesforce activity report by adding and removing data fields.
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Salesforce enables business owners to create activity reports, which showcase certain events related to the business. Activity report information is based on the information you add to the Salesforce customer relations manager platform. The type of activity report you choose to create has a default set of fields, although you can add fields based on your needs. In addition, you can use filters to limit the range of data used in the report.

Log in to your Salesforce account, and click the "Reports" tab.

Click the "New Report" button and then the "+" next to the "Activities" folder.

Click the type of activity report that you want to run, and then click "Create." You're taken to the report building screen, which is split into three sections: Fields, Filters and Preview. The Preview section displays the default fields for the type of activity report you selected.

Scroll through the Fields section to find any additional fields that you want to add to the activity report. Drag the fields into the Preview section to add them to the report. If you change your mind about the field, or if you want to remove any of the default fields, click the drop-down menu next to the field name and click "Remove Column."

Select any of the options in the Filters section to narrow the range of information to appear in the report. Click the "Add" button next to Filters if you want to create additional filters for your report.

Click "Run Report" to create the report based on your Salesforce data.


If you're not ready to run the report, click the "Save" button to save your changes. Fill out the information about your report in the window that appears, and then click "Save."


Information in this article applies to the Salesforce Summer '13 release. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.