How to Create a Windows Live Email Address

by Marissa Willman ; Updated February 10, 2017

Many websites offer basic email accounts for no charge. Microsoft offers free email hosting through Windows Live. A Windows Live email address can be created through the Windows Live homepage. A Windows Live email address is also used as the login ID for Windows Live Instant Messenger, Office Live and Xbox Live. The email address is also an ID for Microsoft’s MSN services, such as MSN Messenger and MSN Music.

Open the Windows Live sign-up page in your web browser (see Resources below). Click the blue “Or get a Windows Live e-mail address” link underneath the first field. This will bring up a field to choose your Windows Live email address.

Choose a Windows Live ID to be your email address. The ID can contain letters, numbers, underscores and a maximum of 64 characters. Type your desired email address into the Windows Live ID form and click “Check Availability.” If your desired email address is unavailable, type in a altered or different ID until you find an available email address.

Choose a password with at least six characters and type it into the “Create a Password” field. Your password can contain numbers and upper or lower-case letters. A gradient image indicating the password’s strength will appear on the right-hand side. A yellow bar indicates a weak password while a green bar indicates a strong password. Add uppercase letters or numbers to your password to increase its strength. Re-enter the password in the next field for verification purposes. Write down the password in a safe location for future reference.

Type an alternate email address into the corresponding field. Click “Or choose a security question for password reset” if you do not have an alternate email address. Choose a security question and type the corresponding answer into the “Secret Answer” field.

Provide your personal information in the following fields. Type your first and last name, location, gender and birth date into the corresponding fields.

Type the eight characters from the image below the “Birth Year” field into the “Characters” field. Click the top button on the right-hand side of the image to hear the characters spoken. Click the bottom button to receive a new set of characters.

Read the Microsoft service and privacy agreements by clicking on the blue links in the final paragraph at the bottom of the page. Click “I Accept” to create your email account. The page will redirect to the Windows Live homepage. Click on “Mail” to go to the inbox of your new Windows Live email account.


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