How to Create a Second Email with

By Ken Burnside

Hosting all company email accounts also lets you check to see if employees are forwarding emails they shouldn't.
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If your business uses Comcast as its ISP and has a small number of email users, you can create up to six additional usernames for your Comcast account. These usernames can be reached as Comcast email addresses in your local area. Giving each employee a username on an account that you have master access to allows you to check on work-related emails, and is particularly useful for tracking inboxes tied to specific job functions rather than specific people. For example, if your business is "TBI," making username accounts like "sales-tbi" or "receivables-tbi" let you store job-related correspondence in specific inboxes, even if you have employee turnover.

Go to Comcast's website (link in Resources) and click on "My Account."

Enter your username and password for your Comcast account.

Click "Add A User." This will open up a form where you can add a new username and password.

Click the yellow "Add User" button. The new username will appear next to the primary account name.

Click the new username, then click "Edit Permissions." Make sure the username has the "Email address" check box clicked. You can also give the user other permissions with your business' Comcast account at this time.

Click "Save" to save your changes.


Comcast's policies limit you to creating six additional usernames for an account. If you need more, talk to Comcast about business-specific solutions.