How to Create a New AOL Mail Account

By C. Taylor

AOL Mail lets you access your email when traveling.
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An AOL Mail account offers your business on-the-go access to email, just as if you were at your work desk. AOL walks you through the process of creating a new mail account and automatically checks for username availability. This username serves as your AOL identity and email address, so it should be carefully chosen. If you have trouble finding an available name, AOL offers suggestions that have already been verified.

Go to the AOL Mail homepage (see link in Resources) and click "Sign Up for a Free Account."

Enter your basic contact details, such as first and last names, date of birth, gender, zip code, mobile phone and an alternative email, if you have one.

Type your preferred username and press "Tab." Doing so places your cursor in the next field, but it also prompts AOL to validate the username. A notice appears along with suggestions if the username is already taken. Try again or simply click one of the suggestions. If you see a green check mark, the username is available.

Choose a password that is six to 16 characters long, and enter it in both password fields. For strong security, the password should use a combination of letters, capitalization, numbers and symbols.

Click the "Set a Security Question" drop-down menu, select a security question and answer it in the next line. This question helps with password recovery.

Click "Sign Up" to create your account, and then click "Go to AOL Mail" in the confirmation window to view your new account.